Columbus Zoo Webcams

As one of the most popular zoos and aquariums in the USA today, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium makes a wonderful visiting experience. You will find the zoo near Powell, OH, and it has become a premium viewing attraction for people traveling to and from the area. It has become a popular venue, backed up by its incredible worldwide reputation known for the fact that it has such a long history of working to help improve conditions within the zoo.

Thanks to the work of Jack Hanna, the director emeritus of the Zoo itself, this is now one of the premium zoos in the world for animal care, conditioning, and education. Over 7,000 animals reside in this spectacular place, made up of over 800 species. With over 2m visitors per year, too, the animals are certainly popular creatures and get plenty of interest from those who are passing through.

Indeed, the zoo has won many awards in the past, not least the prestigious Besties Readers’ Choice award in 2012 for Best Zoo. The zoo itself is one of the most satisfying places to come visit, with a tremendous zoo paired up with the nationally famous Safari Golf Club.

Columbus Zoo Webcams

Flamingo webcam

Famed for their reputation for going above and beyond the norm, Columbus Zoo has become recognised as having quite the unique range of animals. One of their most unique, though, is the famous flamingo. You will find that the webcam here will show you two flamingos in particular who get to flounce around and enjoy their time with as much freedom as is possible.

Alligator webcams

As a wider part of their “Discovery Reef” area, you can also find some incredible American alligators lingering around the place. They tend to keep a low profile and spend most of their time just relaxing and taking in the sun. However, you will often get to see them snapping away at once another, creating an interesting dynamic that is well worth watching.

Brown bear webcams

The most popular webcam at Columbus Zoo, though, is definitely part of their habitat for bears. You will find polar and brown bears hanging around in relative harmony as they sit around their 167,000 gallon pool. There is even an underwater viewing area if you would like to see some of the animal species that tend to reside under the water with the bears.

You will find that the bears tend to be among the most popular webcams as they are easily among the most active.

Penguin webcams

The other popular webcam viewing experience at Columbus Zoo includes the impressive penguins. These tend to hang around with the same area as the bears, but they are also commonly found hanging around the various parts of Discovery Reef.

Given the waters here are filled with sharks and the like, though, expect the penguins to stay relatively comfort and free from the threat of a water predator. Definitely a fun, if somewhat low profile, webcam to watch for the afternoon.

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