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The koala is a nocturnal marsupial. It spends most of its life up in the trees of Australia, leisurely feeding on eucalyptus leaves. Koalas are known for being rather sedentary.

This is attributed to the low nutritional content of their favorite foods and having a brain size that is rather small compared to other animals of a similar size. And although they are called “Koala bears,” they really aren’t a bear at all.

Interesting Facts About Koalas

#1. Baby koalas have the same name as a baby kangaroo: they’re called Joeys. When a joey is born, it will immediately work its way up to the pouch of its mother. This is why the koala is a marsupial instead of an actual bear. By using smell and touch, along with a strong dose of natural instinct, the joey is able to make it safely. Most joeys will stay in the pouch for 6 months.

#2. Koalas are born without a bacterium that they need in their intestines to properly digest food and distribute nutrients. Joeys will receive this from their mother during the nursing process through a special fluid that is called Pap. It is offered as part of the feeding process, along with the milk that is used for food.

#3. The name of the koala bear literally translates to “No Drink” in the original Aboriginal language. It is believed that koalas do not need to drink any water because they get the moisture they need from the eucalyptus leaves that they eat.

#4. Koalas have a specific digestive organ that allows them to cope with the poisonous nature of eucalyptus leaves. It’s called the “cecum” and it processes the leaves so that the poison does not harm the animal at all.

#5. Koalas will often sleep a day away. It is not unusual for an adult koala to sleep for up to 18 hours every day.

#6. The koala is not endangered, but its natural habitats are under an enormous amount of pressure. An estimated 80% of the koala habitat has already been decimated through development activities and natural disasters. There are an estimated 8,000 koalas that are currently living in the wild, with several others living in captivity in zoos around the world.

#7. A koala is often perceived to be a very cute, cuddly animal, but the truth is very different. They can have a mean streak to them, especially when they feel threatened, and their sharp claws and teeth can do a lot of damage.

Live Koala Cams

Watching Koalas in person will always be the best solution. When you can’t make it to their natural habitat or a local exhibit, these webcams are the next best option.

View San Diego Zoo Cam.

It is also possible to get to know koalas better thanks to funny educational videos.


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