Live Snake Webcams

Snakes come in many different shapes and sizes. Some may slither, others may climb trees, and some even tend to wind themselves sideways as a way to move. Yet with all of these differences, all snakes have certain traits in common.

They have flexible jaws which let them eat prey that is often several times their size. They cannot chew, so they have to swallow their food hole. And snakes can be found everywhere in the world today except for Antarctica, Iceland, and New Zealand.

Interesting Facts About Snakes

#1. Venomous snakes are still deadly even if they have had their heads removed from their bodies. The fangs can still penetrate and insert venom several hours after death. This trait is usually seen in the most venomous snakes in the world today.

#2. There may be some truth to the Biblical story of the snake once having legs. It is believed that the modern snake evolved from a lizard millions of years ago and some snake species, such as the boa and the python, are believed to still have some traces of the presence of legs on their body.

#3. About 1 in every 3 adults is scared of snakes. Some believe that this is an instinctual fear that is built into humans because of how dangerous some snakes can be.

#4. Snakes are cold-blooded creatures, which is why you will see them outside in the sunshine warming themselves up. A snake prefers to be warm while eating because this helps them be able to digest their food better.

#5. Some species of snakes can grow extremely large. The anaconda is known to reach 600 pounds and may grow to a length of over 9 meters.

#6. Baby venomous snakes are often more dangerous than their adult counterparts. Not only is the venom believed to be more concentrated, but their smaller size also makes it more difficult for them to be detected.

#7. One snake species is made up of only female snakes. Called the Brahminy Blind Snake, it can reproduce on its own and is one of the most widespread snakes in the world today in Africa and Asia. They prefer to burrow and can often be mistaken for worms, especially since their size is similar.

#8. Black Mamba Snakes are believed to be the most advanced in terms of evolutionary progress. This venomous snake can strike up to a dozen times because of its unique venom delivery system. Just one bite is enough to be fatal for a human adult without immediately anti-venom treatment.

Live Snake Cams

Getting close to snakes can be an unnerving experience. These snake webcams make it possible to watch them without having to worry about what the snakes might do.

View San Diego Zoo Cam.

View Centers for Snake Preservation Cam.

There are some very unusual species of snakes in the world today as well. The cams show some of the strangest snakes that have ever been discovered.


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