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Some Moose may weigh over 1,000 pounds and stand over 6 feet in height from hoof-to-shoulder. To support this size, a moose may eat over 70 pounds of food every day.

Interesting Facts About the Moose

#1. The moose may be large, but they are also a very vulnerable animal. Wolves and bears commonly hunt the moose and it only takes one bite in the right location to disable it. Even if the moose can defend itself, it will be vulnerable to infection or disease from the bite, with many dying about 10-14 days after an attack. Certain parasites and ticks can also kill a moose very quickly.

#2. Moose typically use their antlers for fighting with other males for breeding rights. When a moose is attacked by wolves or a bear, its primary weapon tends to be the hooves instead of the antlers. This applies to all 4 known subspecies of moose that are found in North America.

#3. Just like other deer, the massive antlers on a moose will be lost during the winter months. They will grow new antler paddles in the next year. Moose antlers are covered in velvet so that there is a blood supply to them, encouraging their growth.

#4. The antlers of a moose will change as it ages. The largest paddles tend to be seen in animals that are under 8 years of age, but are older than 5. As the moose grows older, their paddles tend to become deformed. Young moose tend to have more spikes than paddles. A mature male moose may have antlers that weigh a total of 40+ pounds when fully grown.

#5. Unlike other deer, a moose calf needs a lot of help to survive. They do not run well for some time after birth. Most calves will spend at least 18 months with their mother before striking out on their own.

#6. Calves may not be able to run right away, but they can certainly swim right after birth. They will often swim across a lake instead of walking around it.

Live Moose Cams

The moose is not native to many parts of North America, preferring to say in northern and mountainous regions. This can make it difficult to see one in person. Being able to see a moose on a webcam becomes the next best option.

View Orrviken Moose Garden Cam.

View Ely Outfitters Cam.

View Isaberg Moose Park Cam.

Because moose are frequently hunted, many videos involve finding and filling tags. The cams show what it’s like for bull moose during the rutting season.

Moose Cam

The Moose Cam is located in Anchorage, Alaska and gives you a live view wild moose roaming around on the grass in front of a lake. Webcam updates every few seconds and includes archived images and videos.

View Live Webcam: Moose Cam

Moosewatch Moose Webcam

This moose webcam comes to you near Park City, Utah. The camera is online in the fall and winter, so it should be coming online soon. Webcam image updates every 5 seconds.

View Live Webcam: Moosewatch Moose Webcam


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