Live Gorilla Webcams

Watch live gorilla webcams located in zoos and sometimes in their natural habitat in jungles around the world.

Gorillas you may see include Eastern, Western, Mountain Gorillas and more.

Many of these cams have streaming video and some can even be remotely controlled.

Gorilla Webcam at the National Zoo

This gorilla cam is located at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, DC. Watch 6 lowland gorillas in streaming video with color.  There is also a silverback gorilla at this exhibit.  Watch the National Zoo Gorilla Cam.

Prague Zoo Gorilla Cam

This gorilla cam comes to you from the Prague zoo and lets you take a glimpse into the life of the gorillas living at their habitat in the zoo. Watch the gorillas eating, climbing around or watching zoo visitors watching them. The gorilla cam has streaming video and is online day and night.  Watch the Gorilla Cam at the Prague Zoo.

Bristol Zoo Gorilla Webcams

This Gorilla webcam comes to you from the Bristol Zoo in the UK and gives you a live view of one of the massive enclosures at Bristol Zoo in one of the gorilla pens. This feature also includes personal information about each of the gorillas that will be on camera, where they’ve come from and information about gorillas in general. This is a great new fun feature at which is ideal for the family to use and also if you want to see them first hand why not go to the zoo and check them out for yourself! Watch the Gorilla webcam at the Bristol Zoo.


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